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Let's face it everybody loves Tuscany. Sitting in a square sipping a glass of prosecco as the sun goes down is pretty idyllic. With its spectacular hill towns and scenery, it's one of Italy's top holiday destinations. Its rich artistic legacy, great wine, unique culinary tradition, medieval hill towns, beaches and stunning countryside certinaly pull in the tourists. But it's crowded...

the barn's best-kept secret is that it nestles in a relatively undiscovered part of Tuscany, the Upper Tiber Valley. Until recently, tortuously windy roads deterred the most adventurous of traveller! The valley is rich in art, history and culture. Piero della Francesca was born in Sansepolcro, the valley's main town and is still home to many of his most important works. Surrounded by semi-alpine mountains and national parks, the valley is also known for its outstanding natural beauty.

the barn offers you the best of Tuscany (and Umbria) but without the crowds.

“ is only by going off track that you get to know the country. See the little towns – Gubbio, Pienza, Cortona, San Gemignano, Monteriano”. Where Angels Fear to Tread, E.M. Forster