Sansepolcro is the barn's nearest town, only 10kms away. Nestled within its Renaissance walls, it is home to elegant towers and palazzi.  

The main street, il Corso, runs from Porta Fiorentina to Porta Romana and is dotted with stylish boutiques, upscale grocery stores, bars and restaurants. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, there is a farmers market as well as a couple of good stalls selling linen and shoes. It's worth a trip for the tablecloths and the local gliteratti!

As Piero della Francesca was born in Sansepoclro, il Museo Civico is a must-see. The museum houses many rare and unique works including La Resurrezione (the Resurrection). During  World War II, the Resurrection saved Sansepolcro from destruction. Captain Anthony Clarke, ordered to bomb the town, remembered that Aldous Huxley had described the work as "the best painting in the world" and commanded his men to stop the bombardment at the very last minute.

This museum is never over crowded and you don't have to book weeks in advance. So you can enjoy rare works in peace.

Other artists include: Matteo di Giovanni, Sinbaldo Ibi, Gerin Pistoia, Raffaellino from the Hill, Santi di Tito, Giovanni de Vecchi, remigio Cantagallina, Andrea Pozzo and Augustine Ciampelli.

Taking the time to visit The Aboca Herb Museum is worth it...really. It is the only herb museum in Italy and tells the story of the ancient traditions of Herbal Medicine particularly during the Renaissance. They have a vast array of antique books, pestles and mortars, ceramic herb jars and glassware. An interesting way to pass an hour.

Sansepolcro's Duomo (Cathedral) is also worth a visit.

  • Have a prosecco in Happy Bar as the sun goes down and admire Piazza Torre di Berta